As a student, I borrowed money through any means necessary to fund my “soul-searching” in overseas countries.
I knew that the future Hirotaka would tell me to spare no expenses in experiencing what I could only experience at a young age.
My experience abroad had a huge impact on my outlook and attitude on life.
One point in particular was a sense of urgency and desparateness.

Japan is currently an affluent nation all thanks to trailblazers whom worked their sweat, blood, and tears to create products and services that are widely used across the globe.
In recent years, however, our position in the global market has dropped and there are no new noticeable companies that lead the world in a particular industry.
In addition, the students that I met in our neighboring Asian/Oceanian countries displayed a high proficiency in English and technical skills, not to mention the large difference in their desparate appetite for knoweldge and experience.
This experience gave me shivers in realizing that the current road Japan is on may ultimately lead to its downfall.
My solution to this problem was to found and spearhead a company that opened pathways to new industries and led the way in existing ones. I also wish to set an example for entrepreneurs that follow.

I would later come to realize, however, that my new found epiphany was largely flawed.
When I was backpacking in Africa, I almost died from malayria.
It was none other than the locals there that offered me a helping hand.
This made me realize how small of a person I was to only think about the betterment of one small nation.
Most of us do not live to see 100. I may not even live to see tomorrow.
It was then, that I thought about how I could live a life without regrets.
My dream shifted to how I could create a sustainable ecosystem/culture in which people could leave behind a fun and prosporous world for the generations that follow.

Widsley is a means of achieving that dream.
I would like to fulfill my part by bearing the responsibility of innovating new technologies for the human race to advance forward.
With the startup mentality forever in mind, I am determined to tackle all and any obstacles along the way in order to advance.

Founder & CEO Hirotaka Takahashi