Advance humanity through technology
Invention of the computer, advances in the internet, evolution of mobile devices, popularization of social networking systems, changes to people’s lives has always been created by technology.

Our lives would have been much different today in a world without technology.
Technology will continue to have a large impact on the world and on people’s lives in the future.
Widsley would like to take an active role in being reponsible for a part of such advancements.




Improve technologies used for communication between people
Offer tools and services that enable people to experience things well beyond geographical and physical limitations
Closely connect people and technology and improve the quality of life for the human race




■ Let’s Talk WHAT and HOW

Think about humanity in 100 years. What is your vision of the future? What contributions can we make?


■ YOLO. Create Value

So long as yoou were born here in this day and age, live life to its fullest. Make the most of your time. Work is simply a means.


■ Exceed Expectations, Be Inspirational

Inspiration is born when you meet expectations beyond the imaginable. The extra effort has the largest impact.


■ Uphold Professionalism

Everything starts with the individual. Be the utmost professional by making the clients success priority number one.


■ Be Positive

Approach life with a positive mindset. Appreciate everything there is to appreciate – your life will change.